What JetX bonus can you get?

What would you say if you were offered to win x500 of your bet in a few seconds? Most likely, you will be skeptical about this, and you will do the right thing, because not always such an offer turns out to be true.

The exception to the rule is JetX Online – an arcade gambling emulator, with which you can win incredible x25,000. True, you need luck to be on your side. You don’t need to learn to play like poker, for example.

Everything is as obvious as possible – you make a bet to start piloting the fighter, after which, when you reach the desired coefficient, you collect the winnings.

The nuance is that it is not known when the boom will occur, as a result of which the coefficient will collapse – it can happen on x5, x100 or x2,000. And so that you have no doubts about the integrity of the results, the provider (SmartSoft Gaming) took care to obtain an IDQ certificate.

JetX game 2021

Jet X Online presents a new era of gambling applications on the Internet, which are extremely easy to learn and can from the heart “pour”. It is no longer necessary to learn the combination and learn the bluff, as the professional poker players tell us when they have made a fortune. You can do more, and for that you just have to believe in your luck.

You do not need a large budget – almost any amount will be enough, because the bets start from only 10 cents, which can even afford a student.

In addition to the good potential in monetary terms, this entertainment can also awaken in you a surge of endorphins – what is worth the effect of changing the paradise of our planet to a frowning cosmos. Do you like jackpots? Then this is another occasion to learn how JetX works.

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What is JetX?

This piece is not a slot game, as it is completely different from the usual slot machines, where there are reels, symbols and lines. Nothing in JetX makes the arcade less attractive. Quite the opposite. It’s something new that hasn’t been on the Internet before. It is entertainment with a simple storyline, but with the ability to quickly make one amount much more.

What is JetX

The game is dedicated to the flight theme. The gamer will enter the role of navigator who wants to know the cosmos and make money from it. To start the flight, you just need to bet with just one button. The next step is to collect the winnings. Everything depends on your intuition and perhaps greed. But it is not recommended to be too greedy, because as you climb the risks increase. This increases the win you can get by pressing the cache button. RTP is not fixed, but it never drops below 96%. The maximum return is as high as 99%, which would have been a world record for slots.

The game can also be praised for the quality of visualization. It is evident that JetX bet game is not only technically, but also externally developed. The plot takes off on Earth, namely on the runway, which is located next to the ocean. The ocean is amidst a stunning sunset landscape.

The more the secrets of the cosmos are revealed. The usual sky and clouds will gradually be replaced by outer space, in which you can admire various planets, satellites and stars. All this will surely please those who love the theme of space. In addition, there is an unobtrusive musical accompaniment that reveals the theme.


  • Unique mechanics. These are not slots that have almost outlived their usefulness. This is a completely new format of gambling entertainment, in which you do not need to “go headlong” in order to be successful. It is enough just to place bets and watch how the odds increase every second. Moreover, it is important to take into account that as you fly, the multiplier begins to increase faster. In other words, from x1 to x10 the coefficient will increase less willingly than when increasing from x400 to x500.
  • Fast and large payouts. Only a few seconds pass between the first and second game. Of course, you can see a minus in this – there is a chance of not having time to make a bet. However, this is nothing compared to the fact that in 10 minutes you can make an average of 20 bets (taking into account the flights themselves and the expectation of new players’ bets). The maximum you can hit is up to x25,000. In just one flight, a truly lucky person can win $10,000, which is the price of a good used premium car.
  • Intuitive controls. Above, we have already drawn an analogy with poker, which will require you to study for a long time and painstakingly, which cannot be said about the main character of this review. The JetX game is as simple as it gets. It is enough just to place bets and collect winnings. You can also chat with other gamers if you feel bored.
  • Nice design. It is impossible not to mention the design, pleasing to the eye. The picture will be appreciated by everyone who loves gentle landscapes in contrast with something opposite. The design is difficult to convey in words, so it would be better if you evaluate it yourself.
  • In-game and additional bonusesAnother unique feature of Jet X Online is the availability of bonuses, which are unusual mini-games. This is common in slots, but not in arcades, but it is an exception. Among in-game bonuses, there are random accumulating jackpots. Additional bonuses include special offers from Cbet Casino, which is a direct partner of SmartSoft Gaming. What could be better than getting the JetX bonus codes  to get more attractive winnings from the very first flights? Below we will explain how to get a bonus.

Game Instructions

Now you will probably want to know how to play JetX, because entertainment is really worth the attention of everyone who cannot imagine themselves without excitement. First you need to register at the casino and replenish the balance. The game allows you to place bets from 10 cents to 100 dollars, and the amount does not have to be round. For example, you can play for 45 cents or $13.

You need to set your preferred bid, then click on the “Place a bid” button. You can also turn on the automatic mode so that bets are made by yourself. The same can be applied to receive winnings. If you want to make two bets at once, this option is also present. To jump out of the fighter, click on “Pick”. If you manage to do this before the boom, then the winnings will be counted.

How to win more?

The arcade is not limited to the fact that the player can bet and collect winnings using the power of intuition. You can also use strategies. True, none of them gives no guarantees, but helps to be positive even if you lose more. For example, the easiest and most affordable strategy is Martingale, which is even used in the currency market.

Just double the bet every time you lose. This way, even after a losing ten, the eleventh bet will cover all losses and even win. There are plenty of other strategies on the Internet, so it is worth taking 10 minutes to learn them if you plan to play with an assistant. You do not have to guess how to play JetX on a particular strategy, as the arcade is perfect for this: quick results, a wide range of bets, the possibility of automation.

JetX how to win more

In-game bonuses

Would you like to receive a JetX Bonus while in play? Then you should read the jackpot rules and conditions. First, they are cumulative, meaning that any bet from each gamer is charged 0.21%, which goes to fund the jackpot.

Secondly, the amount should be one dollar or more and the coefficient should be no less than x1.5. Third, the RTP level for the Galaxy Jackpot can be increased to 97.9% if played at a bet of $2 or more. You will receive exactly 70% of the jackpot, while the remaining 30% will be the foundation for the new jackpot.

Additional rewards

Want more bonuses? It’s enough to use the following bonus code JetX: DISCOVER. It must be specified in Cbet. You will receive $10 if you make a deposit of the same amount or more. The bonus amount will be divided between ten flights at a $1 bet. You can receive free flights within 60 minutes after making a deposit in the «Free Spins» tab. The winnings from gift flights can reach 150 dollars.

But that’s not all, because you can get another JetX Bonus in the form of 100% up to 200 dollars. To do this, you need to replenish the account of the establishment for at least 10 dollars. You can collect the reward through a live chat. The promotion will be valid for 14 days at a rate of up to $5 and with a playthrough of x20. So, if you deposit $20, you can fly for $40. For example, if you play for 1 dollar, then you will have as much as 40 flights, each of which can bring a huge gain. But always remember the risks.

JetX bonus


JetX is a choice for those who are not particularly interested in the plot and design, but for whom the winnings are important. You start to agree with that when you learn about high returns, jackpots, bonus bonuses, as well as the honesty of this entertainment. Honesty will not be guaranteed if you do not play through a proven gambling establishment. If you want to have 100% confidence in honesty, choose Cbet.

Be sure to check out JetX if your goal is to test your luck on strength. You can play at least 100 dollars per bet, and then even if the x5 ratio is reached, your winnings will be $500. If you are for careful play, then you can start with a bet of 10 cents.

If you have $10 in the budget, you can use that amount to earn an additional $10 at Cbet to make the game have a double benefit level. JetX is a state-of-the-art arcade game that can completely replace slots for every gamer from Brazil. Rather, fasten your seatbelts and send you to see uncharted landscapes to experience cosmic pleasure!