All about JetX Bet Online

If you are looking for a space-flight-themed arcade where you can win 25,000 times the bet, then we present to you a JetX, which appeared in 2019 and immediately won the hearts of Brazilian gamers. If you don’t know what we are talking about, remember the popular “Aviator”, with which 9 out of 10 players are familiar. However, we cannot say that the JetX game is a copy.

This is an individual gambling mini-toy, which, if it has similarities with the bestseller mentioned above, is only in terms of control. In visual and technical terms, these are two different products, each of which has its own characteristics and its own target audience. For example, JetX bet will appeal to those who love random jackpots, while its counterpart should be chosen by fans of mind-blowing payouts.

JetX is an entertainment in the “lamp” style, the goal of the player is to fly through the maximum space. The farther you can fly, the better the win. The RTP at 98% will help you to estimate the cash potential. A high-roller will attract a maximum cache of 10,000 euros, an inexperienced gamer – the ability to go into cash space for just 10 cents.

No one knows what multiplication the spacecraft will stop on, but that’s the whole point. This makes hundreds of gamblers bet and watch the results of their flights. And what prevents you from knowing right now, how to play Jet X, to already after 10 minutes “burst” into space and conquer almost unknown space?

How and thanks to whom was JetX born?

Gamers should pay tribute to the studio SmartSoft Gaming from Tbilisi, because it was in the 19th year presented a non-standard gambling product, which has become a pioneer of a completely new genre of gambling video games, different from the old slots. Given the popularity of the game, we feel obliged to tell a little about the manufacturer.

SmartSoft Gaming was opened in 2015 by talented enthusiasts and literate entrepreneurs. The enthusiasm is evidenced by a large collection of games of different categories (arcades, gaming machines, table, keno) on classic and the most daring ideas, the ability to conduct business competently – a full package of all necessary documents, including licenses and certificates (for example, an IDQ that guarantees fair flight results). Jet X game was released in 2019, the same year that Aviator, developed by Spribe, was released.

SmartSoft Gaming is a partner of a large number of brands, which once again confirms the reliability of this developer’s software and the high level of competence in the gambling industry. It is easy to guess which product of this brand is the most famous among players.

Just go to the official portal – the first link in the main menu is the main character of this review. By clicking on “Try Demo”, you will be able to appreciate the entertainment completely free and even without registration. If you rate the arcade on the maximum scale, in this case it is worth trying JetX 3, which is a continuation where the actions unfold in the future. In addition, there are several more forms of entertainment in the provider’s catalog, and they are all in the category “X Games”. JetX has launched a new direction that combines simplicity, gameplay speed, and a minimalist yet attractive visual component.

Game Review from a visual point of view

If you are pursuing a goal in JetX to earn money, then the visual side of this work is probably not of particular interest to you. However, we will still talk about the quality of the picture, as we believe that this is one of the many advantages of this game. We cannot say the same about Aviator, which is based on vector graphics. Here everything is quite different – the actions unfold not on a black canvas, but in a world that is similar to the real, only in a more artistic performance.

When the launch of the spacecraft is just beginning, the gamer has the opportunity to admire the pink sunset, pleasing the eye, as well as several balloons. However, after x3, the gentle scenery is changed to a much darker one, because the fighter is outside the planet – in outer space, full of mysteries.

The main puzzle for each player is how long his ship will pass. The further away, the picture becomes more and more fascinating, because soon we begin to see a variety of stars and planets. Of course, everyone will want to enjoy such a spectacle, but it is important to eject until the aircraft is blown up.

At the heart of the world is pixel graphics, and quite unobtrusive – it is not comparable to Minecraft. In general, we can say with absolute certainty that JetX bets will bring true pleasure to everyone who wants not only to win, but also to enjoy what they see. Especially entertainment is recommended for fans of the space theme, because after a few seconds of the flight the aircraft will soar in outer space. At least until the yellow inscription “Boom” appears on the screen. The game also features a light musical component, which corresponds to what is happening on the screen and does not strain at all even in the most concentrated state.

jetx bet game

Game Process Review

There is a window with the game itself and a betting control panel. We say “bets”, not ‘bet”, because you can make two bets at once. To start the gameplay, you need to make a bet. The amount you choose – from 10 cents to 100 euros. When choosing a bet, take into account your financial possibilities, but also do not forget about the goals, because a larger bet means a larger potential win.

When you have decided on the amount of bet, it is time to go on a space trip – for this you just need to press the yellow button “Place your bet”. Jet X bets can also be made automatic – to do this, drag the slider “Auto” to the green position. You can do the same for automatic collection of winnings, but the minimum automatic fee is x1.35. This is an unpleasant limitation, however, it is not as much as it could be, because almost always the plane travels a distance greater than x1.35. Automatic start up and collection can be supplied for two planes at once.

Now click “Place your bet”. After a few minutes, the button will turn from yellow to green, and now at any moment you can collect the winnings. But how do you know when to collect your money? Use intuition or simple logic, because the farther the plane flew, the more risks. Each flight takes only five seconds, which is a big plus, because you do not have to wait long to take off again.

How much can you win?

Now that you know how to play JetX, you will want to understand how much you can win. Of course, you will not be able to answer this question unambiguously, but you can give an example. Suppose that you play for 1 euro. Since you’ve just started the game, you don’t know what to expect from it, so you’re not going to take any chances.

For this reason you decide to stick to the distance in x2. In other words, every time you reach the level of x2 you will collect the winnings, which will be 2 euros. This way, you will win as much as you bet – as an error you can count a few cents, as it is not always possible to collect the winnings on exactly x2. However, here it is important to remember about the automatic game.

With simple mathematical calculations it is possible to understand that with bigger bets you will be able to get more solid winnings. However, it is better to do without fanaticism, as there is always an opportunity to lose, as well as to win a big score. Just don’t let the gamble take over your mind – play sensibly and never play for the last money. And if you want to understand how to earn with JetX, especially without risking, in this case you can follow the following recommendation.

You can activate the autoplay and automatic collection on x1.35. In this way, you will passively receive winnings and do not risk at all. But it should be understood that it will be quite difficult to come to tangible results, although in this case the manufacturer has prepared jackpots – random large wins, the loss of which depends almost entirely on the fortune.

What about jackpots?

A gamer does not need to know exactly how to play Jet X , so that at any unexpected moment a top jackpot will fall on his head, which will make him rejoice as if he was in heaven. The fact is that the game provides jackpots, which received the thematic name “Galaxy”. But to get the jackpot, the user will still have to comply with some quite loyal rules.

First, the bet should be 1 euro or more. Secondly, the cash out should not be below the mark x1.5. Thus, if you follow the recommendation we described above, then you will not be able to win the jackpot. Follow simple rules to have a unique opportunity to hit the real jackpot.

No one knows exactly how generous the jackpots at SmartSoft Gaming are. From the information there is only a contribution of 0.21% from each player, which makes up the final jackpot. Also keep in mind that the provider will keep from your jackpot 30%, which will go as a start for the next random win. If you need other information, you can visit the server ssgportal with JetX to know more about the jackpots.


Do I have to be home to play JetX?

In this block we want to tell you about how to play JetX, using a mobile device that does not require you to be at home. In other words, you can play anywhere in Brazil and the world. The trick is that entertainment is cross-platform, and this allows it to function stably on any device and all popular operating systems, whether Android, iOS or any other.

All you have to do is go to a familiar gambling establishment and log in, then click on the game to launch it. That’s it! Now it remains to wait to download the entertainment, after which you will be able to make the first bet from your smartphone or tablet. The manufacturer worked on the interface to make the arcade comfortable to use, even if the user entered it from a phone with a tiny diagonal compared to a PC.

The mobile version provides a full set of features: the ability to make two bets, automatic game, jackpots, live chat, statistics, etc. If the casino is multilingual, then each JetX bets will be placed using Portuguese.

Strategy usage

Especially enterprising users will certainly want to resort to an additional helper in the face of strategy, which will make the gameplay more calculating and consistent. If you use strategy, your Jet X bets will have a better chance of a plus, which demonstrates well the most popular Martingale strategy, known even to beginners who know nothing about gambling video games. And all because the strategy is both simple and understandable and effective. It is used in casinos, forex, etc.

The bottom line is that you have to double the amount of bets on each loss to make up for all previous losses. If the bet “goes” at the first time, it will be “net” winnings. There are all conditions for comfortable use of this strategy: quick results, wide betting range, the ability to run two planes at once, automatic betting mode. You can train through the trial game.

But you have to remember that strategy is not a guarantee of anything. It’s just an assistant who, through simple mathematics, helps you win more and more than you would if you made chaotic bets. If you’re going to experience the world of strategy, the best way to start is with Martingale’s strategy.

If you want net winnings to come not only when you are lucky on the first time, we suggest you bet a little more. For example, if you start with a bet of 1 euro, in case of a loss we recommend betting a few cents more (in addition to a bet of 2 euros) – this will be a net win. That way, the plus will always be. The main thing in the use of this strategy is to get a good budget, as the game session can take a long time. To avoid bankruptcy, you better save money, then confidently enter JetX and start flying.


Without exaggeration, JetX is a unique creation of modernity, designed for the widest possible audience. Entertainment will appeal to avid gamers that do not imagine their day without a note of excitement, and people who want to increase their capital a little or accumulate on a new smartphone. It is also a great solution if you just want to take your mind off everyday life or have fun spending an evening after a busy day. Unlike video games on the PC and console, as well as movies and serials, JetX is a real opportunity to win the jackpot by simply launching an airplane and enjoying the cosmic landscape.

Be sure to try yourself in JetX, if you didn’t do it before. The game is not «stuck» in the heads of thousands of people around the world – there are a lot of reasons, most of which were described in this review. You may be lucky enough to win as much as you can or hit the jackpot. If you want to try yourself in demo mode for a start, this is an option. JetX – your chance to conquer space online and get a generous reward for it!