What is jetx cbet and how to get a bonus?

You can choose JetX to diversify a gambler’s hobby. Tired of slots, and the gameplay of table games is so boring that you can sleep? Then it is a good opportunity to try yourself in the arcade mini-game from SmartSoft Gaming, which will tell the gamer the story of an unlimited space full of adventures.

We will not exaggerate by saying that JetX game is the latest trend in the online gambling industry. The game is as easy to use as it is advantageous and attractive in terms of gameplay. The provider hit the target precisely, creating a video game, perfect for all indicators. It will be to everyone’s taste, whether a beginner, amateur or high roller. Why is it worth trying the entertainment of the new era? There are at least two reasons: wins up to x25,000 and a chance to hit the jackpot.

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This piece does not take much time, because only five seconds pass between rounds. Moreover, there is an auto-game that will completely save you the need to sit and look at the monitor. You can start playing with only ten cents, and the maximum bet can reach a hundred. In your case, to get wins is over pleasure for you? Then the motivation can become quite decent RTP, which is at 96-99%.

You just want to have fun in your free time? In this case, you will definitely appreciate HD graphics, pleasant color solutions and a smooth transition from a delicate landscape to space. Still thinking about your choice? Perhaps the final decision to evaluate the novelty will help you with the fact that the arcade has a Swiss quality certificate ID Quantique, which guarantees an honest random number generator.

Delivery percentage

Maximum multiplication

You can win in the game $


  • Release year: 2019
  • Manufacturing company: SmartSoft Gaming
  • Topic: cosmos
  • Delivery percentage: up to 99%
  • Maximum multiplication: x25,000
  • Betting range: from 10 cents to 100 euros
  • Automatic play: yes
  • Demo mode: yes
  • Jackpot draw: yes
  • Mobile version: yes
  • Game from Brazil: allowed
  • Arcade presence: Cbet

Gameplay description

Jet X game is dedicated to the space theme, despite the fact that the first seconds of the flight on a fighter user will be in the usual space. It is an important and picturesque space itself – what is worth only one raspberry sunset, as smoothly as possible pouring into the absolute emptiness that presents the cosmos. The pilot is the player himself. To fly, you do not need to use the keyboard – just a simple bet to take off in the next round of the aircraft.

As for landing, only the player decides when it happens. The further the fighter flies, the higher the multiplier will be awarded to the gamer. However, it is important to remember about the risks, because at one «fine» moment the fighter will hit the box, and then the potential win will be lost. It can be concluded that everything depends on the player’s risk/caution. You can also try to find a middle ground for yourself, so as not to risk and not too fast to collect winnings. Only this will determine how successful the rocket game JetX will be and how much it will satisfy the user.

As the height rises, the gamer can see all the beauties of the cosmos: stations, planets, stars. With good luck, the player will be able to estimate a picture that was only available to units – the maximum height that will be reached at the score x25,000. This is the maximum win in this arcade.

Another advantage of the video game is that the user can see the bets of other live players, as well as the statistics of past rounds (general and personal). If you move to the tab «Statistics», you will see the top wins for the current game session with the multiplier and the payout amount. Nearby you can see a chat room where players communicate, share their achievements, experiences and just emotions that each JetX bet gives them.

Beginner’s guide

  1. Place a bet. When the game is launched, the user can immediately place a bet. If the fighter is at altitude right now, then the bet will be made on the next launch. To place a bet, you need to start by choosing a bet amount – from 10 cents. High rollers are available at a maximum of 100 euros/dollars. Use the yellow button “Place your bet” to bet. But after that you should not relax. Moreover, everything has just begun, because now you need to rely on your intuition to get the winnings in time, not “missing” the moment.
  2. Take your winnings. How to understand when to collect the winnings? If it was known, probably many would already be rich. It should be understood that the results are generated 100% randomly, which is confirmed by the IDQ certificate. This is a gamble that no one knows when exactly will be lost or won. You can either trust your intuition or use strategy. For example, if you bet 10 cents, you will get 20 cents if you pick up the win at x2. A bigger bet is more interesting than winning.

Jackpot draw

РThe developer has a bonus feature called «Galactica», which is logical, considering the genre of video games. The bonus feature is a jackpot that you can own by playing at least EUR/USD. If the withdrawals are below x1.5, then the player is automatically denied the opportunity to hit the jackpot.

How does the jackpot form? It’s pretty standard. With each bet of each gamer, regardless of his bet, the jackpot is awarded 0.21%. Thus, at a rate of 10 euros, the deduction will be 2.1 euros. Given this and the popularity of the space arcade, it is easy to assume that the jackpots in the game are on a fairly solid level.

To increase the chance of winning the jackpot, the coefficient must be x2 or more – this is mentioned in the section «Rules» directly in the game. The only small drawback is that a player who is lucky enough to hit the jackpot automatically loses 30% of the money that goes into the next jackpot.

JetX bonus 2023

Automatic game mode

An important feature of the game is the presence of an auto-game, which facilitates and speeds up the gameplay as much as possible. If you play JetX, using the automatic mode, without your own participation, you can not only place bets, but also receive winnings by setting the desired coefficient in advance. To do this, just click on “Auto”, having previously set the necessary parameters for automatic play. In this case, the coefficient cannot be lower than x1.35.

For example, a user can set the following settings: a bet of 1 euro and a coefficient of x3. Thus, when this coefficient is reached, the winnings will be credited to the user’s balance on autopilot. But that’s not all, because you can launch 2 fighters at once, and then the winnings will be twice as much.

JetX game 2021

A beginner with a minimum capital can start with the following parameters: a bet of 10 cents and a multiplier of x1.35. In this scenario, the risks will be minimized, but at the same time, bets will be made on real currency. The only recommendation is that the player should make sure that the Internet connection is stable, as if the connection is suddenly disconnected, the auto-game will be interrupted.

What potential does the arcade have?

Everything is very unpredictable. It happens that the explosion occurs at the coefficient x1, as the game functions on the random number generator. But here you need to consider that the unpredictability can work in favor of the gamer, that is, can fall x500, x2,000 and even more. As mentioned above, the maximum win is x25,000. The cash equivalent is EUR 10,000/USD.

A minimum knowledge of mathematics will be enough to understand how much you can win with a particular budget. The budget, by the way, is important, because it will allow you to win back if a failure has overtaken this player several times before. Let’s imagine the following situation. The user made a decision in the JetX bet game for 2 euros per bet. He set the coefficient for automatic receipt of winnings x10. Let’s say that he was unlucky 5 times, as a result of which he lost 10 euros. At the same time, he is lucky for 6 times – he wins 20 euros. Thus, the net winnings are 10 euros. You can also calculate time costs. There are exactly 5 seconds between rounds, and the rounds themselves last an average of 7 seconds. It turns out that the player spent a little more than a minute, which is also impressive.

It is also necessary to say a few words about the budget. If you take the example above, in this case the gamer needed only 10 euros, and this was not the minimum bet. The bigger the budget the player has, the bigger the bets can be made and the higher the odds can be. For example, if the situation described above is doubled, then the net winnings in about 70 seconds would be not 10 euros, and 100 euros, which looks much more serious, and all that was needed – not to bet 2 euros, but 4 euros each.

Where to play?

Despite the popularity of entertainment in its category of games, you can not find it in every online casino. It is important that the operator of gambling video games cooperate with SmartSoft Gaming. The ideal candidate is JetX Cbet. It is in this institution that there is guaranteed to be a game about flying into space in a fighter jet.

Moreover, the user does not have to scroll through the catalog for a long time in search of a long-awaited video game, because the link to it is right in the establishment’s menu – next to the “Casino” link. The only thing is that even for a free trial version, the user will have to register, but this is done very simply and quickly. We suggested this particular institution, as it cooperates with SmartSoft Gaming, offering even special bonuses designed for JetX fans: free flights and a percentage of the deposit.

Cbet Reviewdraw

Cbet JetX is a partner of SmartSoft Gaming (game developer) operating under an international license approved by the Netherlands Antilles government. The institution supports the translation of the interface into Portuguese, as well as the game on the Brazilian real. All this can not but rejoice if the user lives in Brazil. To become a customer of this gambling operator, it is enough to fill in two forms – with personal data and casino player data. Immediately after that, the gamer will be able to replenish the balance and break into JetX.

At any stage of your experience with Cbet, you can contact support, who can answer your questions online via live chat 24 hours a day. The casino is operated by AK Global NV, operating under license 365. The casino opened in 2019, when JetX was released. In addition to this popular arcade, the operator’s range includes over 5,000 video gambling games, as well as an additional range of services in the form of sports betting in various formats.


Support for platforms for playing JetX

We live in the world of mobile devices. Every person has a smartphone that he uses for a variety of purposes. Everyone understands that, especially companies like SmartSoft Gaming. It would be strange if JetX did not support mobile platforms, because this way the provider would lose a lot of potential customers who are more comfortable to fly on a mobile. Anyone can launch a video game from their mobile device and dive into the world of speed with a fighter who wants to know space.

To play with your smartphone, just go to the casino and just launch JetX – all the same as from a computer or laptop. The only difference is the interface, which is more compact on the mobile, which is quite obvious. The functionality is 100% the same when playing with the PC. All platforms are supported: Android, iOS, Windows, etc. For convenience, you can put a page with the game on the home screen of the device to have the pleasure of running it at a stroke.

How much money does it take to have a successful final?

It all depends on what bet the player will move on, as well as on what coefficient he will “withdraw cream”. If you set a minimum bet of 10 cents and withdraw your winnings almost immediately, then the risks are minimal. If you make big bets and wait for high odds, the wait may be prolonged, and a successful final will need 50-100 euros or even more.

How to hit the jackpot?

To do this, you need to play at a rate of at least 1 euro and collect winnings no earlier than the x2 coefficient.

Which casino is better to play?

For these purposes, Cbet is the most suitable, which is a direct partner of the arcade developer represented by SmartSoft Gaming. In addition to the game, the operator also offers two bonuses for JetX at once.

How to place 2 bets at once?

To do this, just press two “Place a bet” buttons at once, having previously set the required bet amount, and also, if necessary, setting up an automatic game.

How to enable automatic play?

To do this, click “Auto” opposite “Bet” and “Collect”. You can also choose one.

Can the results of the rounds be trusted?

You can trust completely, since the proposed casino operates under a reputable Curacao license, and the game itself has an IDQ certificate.