The Best JetX Strategy on How to Win

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JetX is a game with random results; every spin, both wins and losses, are a matter of luck. However, pro players have developed several effective strategies that can help any JetX fan to swing a win-lose ratio in his or her favor. In this review, you will find important details about winning with the JetX strategy, including samples of its use and an independent analysis of its reliability and convenience for different players. Also, we will share some JetX game tricks and tips and answer the most common questions from newcomers.

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Why Do We Need a JetX Strategy?

Statistically, the absolute majority of JetX players are emotional: They place bets based on their intuition, feelings, lucky numbers and other irrational factors. This is a sure, fast and reversible way to lose money. JetX results are determined by an absolutely fair RNG, certified by numerous outer authorities and therefore cannot be predicted or influenced, especially by irrational factors. The only playing strategy that brings JetX winnings is to use probability theory. A reliable JetX strategy not only saves you money and time but also helps to win bigger amounts more frequently.

The winning strategies offered on the page require calculations and choosing steps based on a player’s current success. They differ in reliability and appropriate playing funds, and may involve a single bet, simultaneous bets, or bet consequences.

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Classic Strategies for One Bet

The one-bet JetX strategy set involves a chain of the same or very similar bets. As one-bet strategies differ in volatility, they suit JetX fans with small, middle or big playing balances and all experience levels.

One-bet classic strategies include the following:

  • Minimum risk
  • Moderate risk
  • Risky strategy.

Minimum risk for beginners

The classic minimum risk strategy assumes using multipliers of up to 1.5-2x, which means there are big winning chances of up to 90%, but the winning amounts are small. The JetX strategy allows for placing rather safe bets of 10-20% of your total deposit, which means your balance can be very limited. However, low-risk players cannot count on integrated JetX bonuses.

Read an example with the initial deposit of $100, 5 bets of $10, and 1.5x multipliers:

$10 x 1.5+$15$105
$10 x 1.5-$10$95
$10 x 1.5+$15$110
$10 x 1.5-$10$100
$10 x 1.5+$15$115
JetX game interface on a monitor showing a multiplier of 1.55x and bet collecting options with red highlighted amounts.


  • Simplicity
  • Big reliability
  • Small playing deposit
  • Perfect for studying and training.


  • Small profit
  • Despite its reliability, this strategy does not entail obligatory loss coverage
  • Unsuitable for experienced players.

Strategy with moderate risk

The moderate risk strategy allows using multipliers from 2x-3x with a winning probability of up to 40%. As the JetX strategy assumes a wide multipliers range, players can manage their risks and winnings by choosing the best time for bigger and more volatile bets. In any case, a single bet amount should not exceed 5-7%.

The following example assumes the initial deposit of $200, 5 bets of $10, and 2x multipliers. After analyzing current statistics, a player increases the multiplier.

An exact and reliable forecast requires players to have notable experience, analytical skills, and often huge statistics. Therefore, the moderate risk JetX strategy is suitable for experienced but cautious players who hunt big winnings in favorable circumstances and eagerly collect moderate gains if the situation is too risky.

$10 x 2+$20$210
$10 x 2-$10$200
$10 x 2+$20$220
$10 x 2-$10$210
$10 x 20+$200$400
JetX betting interface displaying a 2.07x multiplier with options for placing and collecting bets with red highlighted amounts.


  • Quite simple in its basic form
  • Flexible win-to-risk management
  • May be used as the main strategy


  • Requires middle and big balances
  • Unsuitable for newcomers
  • In its advanced form, depends on the players’ skills

Risky strategy

The risky JetX strategy involves placing a few small bets with multipliers of 100x or more and a winning chance of up to 1%. To predict the appropriate time for a risky bet, players need much better skills than the moderate-risk ones and the ability to quickly analyze recent JetX results. All pro players have their own rules for choosing the best time. The most widespread ones are the following:

  • Determine the time of the last high multiplier and place the next big bet in 10, 25, 30 minutes, or an hour after that winning.
  • Count the period between the last and pre-last big multiplier, add it to the last multiplier’s moment, and place a bet in this time.
  • Collect at least a day’s worth of statistics and calculate an average period between 100x+ multipliers.

Pro players recommend betting on a multiplier of not more than 90% of the previous one. 

In the following simplified example, players distinguish a 2-bet period between 2 multipliers of 100+ and place a single risky bet in the set.

Bet/PassCrash PointDeposit
$20 x 110140x$4180

In real gameplay, multipliers of 100x and more are extremely rare, and a risky player may pass hundreds of flights before placing a bet. The risky JetX strategy can only be recommended to pro players who have balances for at least 50 bets. It should never be chosen as the primary strategy and should be used only in the most favorable conditions. When a player wins once, they should stop trying to repeat the same success for a very long time.

A JetX game screen showing a high multiplier of 154.91x with explosive graphics. At the bottom of the screen a betting options 'Auto', 'Bet', 'Collect' with red highlighted amounts.


  • Extremely profitable


  • Extremely risky
  • Requires the pro level of JetX betting skills
  • Cannot be used as the primary strategy

Two Simultaneous Bets

The JetX interface has fields for two simultaneous bets. In general, pro players use them to balance out winnings and losses by combining either two strategies or strategic and auto-playing. Every player may create an individual combined JetX strategy, which consists of two options presented on the page. However, the strategy requires double calculations, attention and speed, making it suitable only for experienced and pro players.

For JetX newcomers, pro players recommend the following simple but reliable technique:

  • Divide your bet amount into even halves.
  • Place the first half for 2x in auto-cashout mode to ensure your second bet.
  • Place the second half in manual mode and wait for a middle or high-risk multiplier depending on circumstances.

For example, a player places a 2x bet and 100x bet, each containing $10. Then, they lose both bets in the third round, win both bets in the fifth, and get insurance only in all other cases

$10 x 2 and $10 x 100+$20/-$10$2000
$10 x 2 and $10 x 100+$20/-$10$2000
$10 x 2 and $10 x 100-$10/-$10$1980
$10 x 2 and $10 x 100+$20/-$10$1980
$10 x 2 and $10 x 100+$20/+$1000$2980

The insurance JetX strategy helps to prevent significant losses when waiting for big winnings. Auto-bets will play in 50% of all cases, and players receive at least the total bet amount. A few risky bets cover the rest of the loss in advance, and statistically, most players start to increase their total balances in a few minutes. To increase winning chances to 90% and more, a player may use a smaller multiplier for an insurance bet and a risky bet equal to an insurance win. For example, insurance of $10 and 1.1x and a risky bet of $1.

JetX gaming screen displaying a 10.56x multiplier with options to place bets for a new round with red highlighted Current stakes.


  • Can be customized for any player
  • Flexible risk management
  • Suitable for cautious players


  • Efficiency of the customized strategy depends on the player
  • Requires a high level of playing skills

The Paroli System

$10 x 2-$10$190
$9 x 2-$9$181
$8 x 2+$16$189
$9 x 2+$18$198
$10 x 2+$20$208
Read all the steps in the table above (initial deposit — $200)

The Paroli system is the oldest and simplest progressive multi-bet JetX strategy. Paroli involves increasing the next bet after the previous win and decreasing it after each loss by the same amount. For example, if a $10 bet was lost, the next bet will be $9, otherwise $11.

The Paroli JetX strategy is better suited to losing less than winning more and is ideal for beginners to study JetX betting. Experienced players may find it boring, but JetX starters will definitely love it. Also, there is an anti-Paroli strategy that requires increasing bets after losses and decreasing after wins. Unlike the basic strategy, anti-Paroli strives to balance out both risks and winnings.

A diagram showing a 'win' sequence in betting with chips and a rocket, indicating a game strategy.


  • Extremely simple and perfect for JetX beginners
  • Does not require a big bankroll
  • Assumes contemporary big bets
  • Chosen multiplier does not influence bet amounts
  • Has moderated risks and winnings


  • The smaller the multiplier, the higher your chances to cover all losses

The 1-3-2-6 Betting System

$1 x 2-$1$199
$3 x 2-$3$196
$2 x 2-$2$194
$6 x 2+$12$200

Another progressive betting JetX strategy is the 1-3-2-6 system. It is partially based on the Paroli system, but it is much more complex. The classic 1-3-2-6 system uses 2x multipliers, but it can be adapted to any multipliers by adjusting the exact numbers of basic bets.

To play JetX using the 1-3-2-6 strategy:

  • Select a basic bet, for example, $1.
  • After the win, you have $2. Add $1 to get 3x of the basic amount.
  • After the next win, take a $1 profit and place a $2 bet.
  • After the step, you have $4. Add 2 basic bets to get $6
  • After the win, you have $12. Take a profit of $11 and place $1 as a bet again.

Therefore, in each successful round, you place 3 basic bets and win 12. In the middle of the round, you take 1 bet back to prevent losing all and save an opportunity to start again. However, the strategy assumes some balance security even in unlucky times, so players just need to continue placing the same bets.

If a player does not win in the entire round, they double the basic bet and make another round. The JetX strategy’s main features make it especially suitable for professional players.

Four column of the casino chips with the words 'win' and 'loss', with a rocket in the background.


  • Advanced bet consequence
  • Obligatory taking profits
  • Secures balance against losing everything
  • Requires small or middle balance
  • Covers all losses in advance in lucky times


  • Complex rules and calculations
  • No protection against consequent losses

The Martingale JetX Tactics

$5 x 2-$5$1,995
$10 x 2-$10$1,985
$20 x 2-$20$1,965
$40 x 2-$40$1,925
$80 x 2+$160$2,005
Due to the following unfavorable scenery, a player has an initial deposit of $2,000, starts from a $5 bet, and loses all but the last one.

Martingale is the most commonly used JetX strategy, known for its reliability. The lower the multiplier, the better the results shown by the strategy.

To play JetX using the Martingale strategy:

  • Select a basic bet.
  • After each loss, double the previous bet.
  • After each win, get back to the basic bet.

The strategy’s basic version assumes a 2x multiplier that has almost 50% probability. However, you can bet on any multiplier. The bigger the multiplier, the bigger the balance you need, since the probability to reach 3x is much less than 2x.

Unfortunately, the JetX Martingale strategy cannot be used at its full efficiency. As the maximum JetX bet is $100, a player can barely place 5 consequent bets starting with an initial sum of $1 and a 2x multiplier. Therefore, Martingale excludes big multiplier options, which are the main advantage of JetX . To compensate for the lack, players may use Martingale as an insurance part of a complex two-bet strategy.

Martingale has three main variations that may suit certain players more:

  1. Mini Martingale assumes a limited number of bet doubles, usually 12.
  2. For anti-Martingale, the rules are the opposite, which means you double after winning and rollback after losing. It assumes bigger winnings in lucky times, but losses are not necessarily covered by them.
  3. Grand Martingale means not only doubling the previous bet after each loss but also adding a certain amount. This sub-strategy requires an even bigger deposit and less space for doubling than a classic Martingale.


  • Almost 100% mathematically proven reliability
  • Simple rules and calculations
  • Excellent win-to-risk ratio
  • Has three subtypes for both smaller and huge balances


  • Efficiency is limited with a JetX bet range
  • Small initial bets
  • Requires big balances

The Fibonacci JetX Strategy

$5 x 3-$5$1,995
$5 x 3-$5$1,990
$10 x 3-$10$1,980
$15 x 3-$15$1,965
$25 x 3-$25$1,940
$40 x 3-$40$1,900
$65 x 3+$195$2030
The table above represents the least favorable scenery when a player with a start deposit of $2,000 loses all bets except the last one

The Fibonacci strategy was created as an advanced version of Martingale. The JetX strategy aims to both cover all losses and win big with less money. However, Fibonacci also requires rather large deposits and suits only successful professional players. According to Fibonacci for JetX, players must start from $2-5 bets to strictly maintain the strategy and not exceed a maximum bet of $100.

To play JetX using the Fibonacci strategy:

  • Choose a basic bet. Let’s take $5.
  • If you lose, add the last and pre-last bet and bet for this sum. As you have only one previous bet, simply repeat it.
  • If you win, place a basic bet again.

However, the Fibonacci JetX strategy is less reliable than Martingale. The minimum multiplier it requires is 3x instead of a more probable 2x. Meanwhile, in the example, no 2x win can cover the total amount spent except the first bet.

Fibonacci also has mini and grand subtypes with the same limitations as Martingale’s versions. Mini-Fibonacci suits players with small balances, and the grand type is better for large balances.

A graphic illustrating a loss and win scenarios in a betting strategy with multiple casino chips and a rocket.


  • More cost-saving than Martingale
  • Has two subtypes for any wallet
  • The best ratio of winning chances to the involved money


  • Requires a rather big bankroll
  • Rather small basic bet
  • Contemporary complex calculations
  • Less reliable than Martingale

Main JetX Game Tricks

JetX game interface with a multiplier of 3.77x, happy and sad emoticons representing different bet outcomes.

In addition to general strategies, pro players share numerous tips and tricks to increase newcomers’ chances to win or, at least, save their balances:

  • Maintain the same strategy for at least the mid-term. Either place big bets for small multipliers or small bets for big multipliers.
  • Avoid using risky strategies for too long, and use them for enjoyment rather than trying to hit a jackpot. These bets should be few and precise.
  • Combine auto-bets for 1.2-2x and high-risk bets. This way, most likely, you will either get the whole bet back or win big money.
  • Play the game in demo mode for at least a couple of hours to study all rules and test strategies.
  • If you tend to bet emotionally, use auto-bets only.


Despite numerous JetX strategies, there is no way to win 100% of the time. Each of the strategies shows different results depending on the player’s balance, chosen multipliers, bet sizes, and even personal gambling passion or cautiousness. Remember about bet limits and JetX strategy restrictions. Test all strategies and tips by yourself, choose the most suitable tactics, and create your own strategy that is especially profitable for you. Limit your time and money spent on JetX betting, enjoy awesome gameplay, and withdraw big winnings safely.

Individual Strategy Is the Best Strategy

Is there a best strategy for beating JetX?

Martingale, Fibonacci, and 1-3-2-6 are the best JetX strategies. However, they have their own cons and do not suit all players by default. Read more about them in our review.

Are there any good tips for winning big in JetX?

There are several tips to increase your chances to win: use the low-risk and mid-risk JetX strategy as the main, place auto-bets along with manual bets, study rules, collect statistics, and test strategies in demo mode.

Which strategy should I use for a simultaneous bet?

The best way is to place two even auto-bets: an insurance one with a 2x multiplier and a risky one with a multiplier of 50-100x. When an insurance bet cashes out, you will receive both bets’ amounts, and the second bet will become risk-free.

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