Jetx Application for Mobile – How to Download

Mobile phone and laptop screens displaying the interface of an online betting game JetX, with current multiplier values, bet options, and a visual depiction of a plane in flight indicating game progress

JetX is a masterpiece among minigames created by Smartsoft. It can be played in numerous online casinos and there are individual applications for Android and iOS. In the review, clear and comprehensive for anyone, you will find out where to look for a JetX app, whether it is official, and how to use it safely to get both profits and entertainment. We will talk about JetX download files for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, how to install them, and start gaming.

Description of JetX App

JetX game logo on the purple background with a stylized spaceship, overlaid with a large black crossed out loading sign

The official JetX game is based on HTML5 technology. It is designed for implementation into casino internet sites and can be played on mobile devices via casino apps only.

Though there are no JetX official mobile applications, you may face numerous JetX apps in Google Play and similar markets. The apps are created by third-party developers that have no relation to either Smartsoft or any casino, therefore, such a JetX app is not surely safe. In Google Play and Apple Store, JetX APK and IPA files are thoroughly checked but the apps from other markets contain viruses or other malware with a high probability. We cannot recommend you risk real money when playing any JetX application, but they can be used for training, research, and testing strategies in demo mode.

Screenshot showing a user interface for an account 594112537 on a gaming platform with payment options listed such as bank cards, e-wallets, and more, alongside a game named JetX in action with a rocket ascending and a 'Deposit' button highlighted

To play your favorite game for real money, choose the official game on a reliable casino site or in its app. To start playing for real money:

  • Find the casino with JetX in a list of instant games or crash games. Sign up and log in.
  • Make your first deposit. Transfer enough money to meet the requirements for a welcome bonus.
  • Go to the JetX page, choose real money mode, and adjust your currency.
  • In the bet fields below the play screen, select bet amount and multiplier, and enable or disable auto mode for betting and cashouts. Then click the bet button place.
  • If you do not use the auto mode, do not forget to cash out every round by clicking the bet button.

Where to Bet JetX


Pin Up




Jetx Application for Fun

Screenshot displaying the download page for 'JetX Game 2.0 APKs' with version and file size information, above the screen a bug figure

You may download and install a JetX app on Google Play or similar market sites. All these applications have similar functionality, design, interface and support numerous languages.

In most cases, an unofficial JetX application has a trial and may simply refuse from real money mode, developers monetize them by using advertising. But even if the app allows playing for real money, it is better to avoid this mode.

Every JetX mobile app created by third-party developers is potentially dangerous. Even in markets of Google Play level, advanced malware may pass the administration’s check and infect your smartphone after the download finishing.

Therefore, it is better to train by playing the game on the Smartsoft official site or on our site. Playing is absolutely free and does not require a JetX bet download.

Jetx App for Real Money

Mobile phone screen displaying the 1xBet website with options to 'Place bets on the 1xBet mobile app'. There are buttons for 'Download the app for Android' and 'Download the app for iOS'.

To start playing JetX for real money on your mobile device, you need to install the casino app or go to its mobile site.

If you choose a native app, you need to perform the JetX bet download. Each casino has its personal instructions for installing mobile applications and playing on them. They are usually located in sections with labels “Mobile”, “Apps”, “Android” or “iOS”. Almost always mobile app icons or buttons are located on the main site menu or footer.

Mobile sites do not need any preparation, and playing on a mobile site is equal to a desktop one.

JetX Bet Download

As you can play JetX safely via casino apps only, you should download and install the appropriate software. The instructions are similar on all sites. Let’s look at these processes at Pin-up casino, a big and reputable international site with a clear installation guide. JetX may be played on a mobile or desktop device with any popular OS: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Mobile phone showing an open navigation menu with various gaming options including JetX, and others, with a highlighted section advertising an 'Application' encouraging users to install the app and get bonuses


About 80% of mobile players use Android devices, and, with the highest probability, you need an Android guide for a casino app with JetX download. To download and install the app with the game for Android:

  1. Go to your smartphone or tablet security and privacy settings and enable downloading applications from unknown sources.
  2. Also, you may allow the installation from your browser or for the app with JetX download only.
  3. On the main site menu, click the button “Download Android”.
  4. Click the link “Download Android” on the installation page, and downloading will start automatically.
  5. After downloading, click the installation button on the pop-up form. 
  6. In some cases, you need to initialize the installation of a casino JetX app manually. Go to the Download folder and click the casino APK.
  7. You may be asked to grant several permissions to the app. Allow them all.
Iphone showing an open menu, with a highlighted gambling platform 'Parimatch'


A casino with the JetX app for iOS is a rather rare option but they are present in several markets of IPA archives. If you found such an app in App Store, you may install it in a couple of clicks as any other official iOS software.

To download a Pin-up casino app for iOS from the official casino website:

  1. Find the mobile section on the casino site.
  2. On the appropriate page, click the installation link or button and approve the download of the casino with JetX app.
  3. Find the Profile downloaded in your iPhone settings.
  4. Find the casino app, pass to its profile, and click the Install button at the top of the screen.
  5. Confirm installation of the casino app with your lock screen password, find out the iOS warnings, and click Done to finish the installation.

You may also play the game on iOS by downloading the APK package and using it with an Android emulator.

A computer monitor displaying the homepage of '1win' casino, featuring a jackpot counter, a bonus on deposit offer, and a selection of quick games including JetX and other


The mobile casino applications that are native for Windows phones, tablets, and desktop devices contain less than 1% of all casino applications. Windows users are mostly offered to use an Android emulator or a universal app based on HTML5 technology.

If you managed to find an EXE Windows file of a casino with the JetX application, install it in this way:

  1. in the Microsoft official store or just on the casino site, click an appropriate download button or link;
  2. choose a folder to save the installer file;
  3. after downloading the installer, go to its folder and double-click it to start the installation.
  4. In the installer form, adjust the settings of the casino with the JetX application (language, program folder, desktop icon) and wait for the finish of the installation.
Laptop screen displaying step-by-step instructions on how to install an app, with visuals accompanying each step from downloading to installation completion


Mac is a specific operating system for Apple PC and laptops. Mac users definitely prefer playing web versions of online casinos, and casinos almost never develop Mac-native applications. But if you want to play JetX on Mac, use the Android version with an emulator. The newest Mac devices with an M1 processor support native iOS apps, they can be downloaded and installed by the following guide:

  1. Choose the iOS or iPhone installer of a casino with the JetX app in the mobile section of the casino site.
  2. In a dialog form, adjust an appropriate folder and download the app.
  3. Find the app in the folder and double-click it to start the installation.

Play on Mobile and PC : Difference

Mobile playing specificsLaptop and PC desktop playing specifics
Available everywhere and every timeBig screen, convenient for playing
Advanced experience because of touch screenLess transportable because of its bigger size
An app needs fewer resources on your deviceMore computational resources and memory are available
Smaller screenMore conservative mouse or touchpad navigation
Your device needs an app with JetX downloadNo need for the JetX bet download

Playing JetX on desktop and mobile devices has its own specifics. The same player may prefer a desktop or mobile game version in different circumstances.

In general, mobile JetX playing is more convenient and cost-saving. All functionality, navigation options, payment methods, and graphics specifics are the same for both casino mobile apps and web versions for desktops.


JetX app is available for any type of mobile device with all popular OS: Android, iOS, and Windows. You may play the game as an individual app or as one of the numerous games in general casino applications. Both versions work properly and offer a great gambling experience. But we recommend using only mobile applications of reliable casinos, downloaded via links on official sites. Individual JetX app is valuable as software for training checking strategies and game results pattern resources but by installing them you risk getting malware. And it is only your decision to download them or not.

Where can I download a JetX bet?

It is better to download an application of a casino with JetX included. Look for the app in the mobile section of the casino site. Then choose your OS and follow the casino’s guide for it.

Can I find a JetX app for practicing?

Yes, the best way to get training in the game is to download the app from the developer’s Smartsoft site.

Is JetX available for Android and iOS devices?

Yes, on the Smartsoft site, you can find both Android and iOS versions of the game.

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