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Last updated: 20.04.2023

As the online gambling landscape broadens, trustworthiness becomes the cornerstone of user experience. At, our commitment is not just to provide top-notch content but also to uphold the highest standards of openness regarding our operational practices. This article is dedicated to explaining our affiliate relationships and what they mean for you, our valued users.

Understanding Our Affiliation proudly partners with various online gambling platforms. Our mission is multifaceted: to keep our users informed, provide recommendations based on sound research, and spotlight platforms that offer an exceptional gambling experience.

As part of this ongoing endeavor, we utilize affiliate links. When our users click on these links and subsequently take specific actions on the linked websites — such as signing up, making deposits, or participating in games — we may earn a commission or other forms of compensation.

How This Impacts You: Dispelling the Myths

  • No Added Costs: It’s a prevalent myth that affiliate links might introduce additional charges for the user. This is not the case. Your costs, potential winnings, and bonuses remain identical regardless of how you access a gambling website. Our commission is a separate agreement between us and the partnered website. It doesn’t come out of your pocket.
  • Unbiased Recommendations: We hold our editorial standards in the highest regard. Our affiliations do not color our content. Regardless of our partnership status with a platform, our content is based on rigorous research, user feedback, and genuine evaluations.
  • Transparency Always: This disclosure isn’t just a formal requirement. It’s a testament to our genuine desire to maintain a transparent relationship with our community. Our aim is to ensure every user is well-informed about our affiliations.

Why Trust is Paramount

In an industry like online gambling, trust is both fragile and essential. We’ve taken several steps to ensure that our affiliations enhance our service, not detract from it:

  • Selective Partnerships: We’re discerning about our affiliations. Not all platforms meet our stringent criteria. We only partner with those that match our ethos of quality, fairness, and user-centricity.
  • Ongoing Review: The digital gambling world isn’t static. Platforms evolve, as do their services. We continuously revisit our partnerships to ensure they still meet our — and by extension, your — expectations.
  • Open Feedback Channel: Your feedback isn’t just welcome; it’s crucial. If you ever have reservations or input regarding any platform we’ve affiliated with or our affiliations in general, we urge you to reach out. Our community’s voice helps shape our direction.

Wrapping Up

Affiliate partnerships are a widely accepted mechanism in the digital sphere. They support platforms like ours, enabling us to continually produce and deliver valuable content to our users. However, our user-centric ethos is never overshadowed by these partnerships. places its users’ trust at the forefront. Our affiliations are designed to amplify, not compromise, the value we bring to the table. Through this disclosure, we aspire to reinforce the trust you’ve placed in us, ensuring your journey on our platform remains enriching, secure, and above all, transparent. Always remember to gamble responsibly, and never hesitate to reach out with queries or concerns.

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